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We have a serious pain epidemic in our society, and it is rapidly getting worse. Injuries, conditions, and diseases cause many types of pain, ranging from sciatica to plantar fasciitis. However, many options for pain relief are failing us. In many instances, they are even making us sicker. This problem, and my alternative solution for pain relief, are the topics on which I am focusing my first blog post.  Since 1992, I’ve given over 45,000 massage treatments. I have worked with just about every type of person you could imagine and a diverse array of pain conditions. I know pain. I understand pain. And, my one mission in life is to help you heal your pain. So, here we go, let’s get this blog up and running.

Pain Relief Options Offered Today

There are basically three main pain relief options offered today:

  • Drugs, drugs, and more drugs
  • Surgery
  • Therapies and products designed to heat, stimulate, cool, pummel, strengthen, or stretch your muscles back into shape

If you feel good and experience great ease and joy in your body with these three methods, then you are good. You do not need to read this blog post. However, if you or someone you know is in pain and looking for a new perspective, you might get a lot out of what I have to say about all of them.

The problem with some of the above treatments is that many people are still not getting any lasting relief. In fact, some are getting much worse with sometimes horrific side effects. Many of us know or have seen the devastating effects of drug dependency and addiction. More and more frequently, addictions are occurring from the result of an injury and one-time prescription of pain medication. I remember speaking with a pharmacist one day, and he said “people love Oxycontin, and really enjoy being on it. They would never want to try anything else.” I thought: I wonder if this person’s family would say the same thing. The over-prescribing of drugs is a problem that has gained national/political attention as of late, but I have seen this terrible trend for decades. It is a huge problem that is one of the biggest reasons people need access to an alternative solution for pain relief that actually works. But, there are other pain relief options that also deserve some attention (even if they are not as big a threat to our public health in this country).

Kneading Away Your Pain vs. Needing Your Pain to go Away!

The issues with pain medication are obvious, but the next two treatment options deserve a bit of minor scrutiny themselves.  Sometimes they just do not work, or the effects are so short term that constant treatments are necessary. One of the biggest myths about the body is that our muscles are like pizza dough, needing to be stretched, pummeled, and heated or cooled. Thus, many people have treatments that do just that. And, many times, these treatments provide temporary relief. Massages feel good. Heat and cold feel good. But, they are sometimes not enough.

Surgery is an option that is sometimes a last resort. People in pain usually exhaust every effort to relieve their pain by the time they schedule surgery. Surgery is necessary in many cases, but in many times it isn’t. Almost every discomfort in the body has a muscle contraction/spasm/tightness that is part of the problem or the MAIN catalyst of your pain.

My mission is to offer you an different option: the Hunter Massage Method. This method is an alternative solution for pain relief for which the only side effect is LASTING RELIEF.

The Hunter Massage Method

As I said above, I have worked full time as a massage therapist since 1992. I’ve trained in many massage disciplines over the years– Sports Massage, myofacial work, Polarity massage (energy work), Myokinesthetic, Myoskeletal massage, Ashiatsu, and others. I have combined the knowledge I learned in these different disciplines over this long period until I came up with a method that employs different parts of different types of massage. The method focuses on lasting relief that does not require ongoing treatment. I often tell my patients that I hope I DON’T see them again. 😉

The Hunter Massage method is nothing like traditional massage. Instead, the client is fully dressed as the therapist goes through a sequence of targeted movements (while the client actively participates) in order to release tense muscles and relieve even the most stubborn pain problems that the muscle issues cause. Many pain problems can be solved with as little as 1-5 Hunter Massage Method treatments. Other, more serious, issues take more sessions. A Hunter massage isn’t a relaxing massage for temporary relief, it’s a massage built to give lasting relief.

There are hundreds of Hunter Massage Success Stories, some of which I have included on the Hunter Massage Clinic website. Learn more about the Hunter Method here or schedule an appointment to begin feeling better today.

This blog forum is where I will share information about the Hunter Massage Method with you. I will also discuss some of the prevailing myths and truths about how the body works, and a positive new way to understand it. I invite you to visit this blog often and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to receive updates on our advancements in pain relief.

I will discuss some of the biggest myths about the body…like these I’ve listed below:

  • Muscles are like pizza dough – and you can stretch and pummel them into how you’d like them
  • Do “weak” muscles need to be strengthened? (clue: most “weak” muscles are chronically contracted muscles)
  • Is Inflammation the reason I hurt?
  • Where you hurt is often not the cause of your pain….sometimes it is somewhere else
  • Having a named condition is somehow “comforting” but it is not telling you much. There are over 70,00 named conditions!
  • Is pain medication safe, and effective for long term use?
  • Is moving bones is the answer to muscle relief (clue: muscles move bones)?
  • How do we get tight muscles?
  • What is the best exercise to keep muscles happy?
  • Why static stretching is not your friend. Let’s meet dynamic stretching instead!
  • Where are the muscle doctors?
  • Why most discomfort in the body has a muscle contraction/spasm/tightness as a part of the problem or is the main problem and why it is almost always overlooked…. doctors don’t actually touch you!

I look forward to our journey together! Please feel free to message us if you have any questions or feedback we’d love to hear from you.

Stephanie Hunter

Clinic Owner/Developer of the Hunter Massage Clinic

When people talk about Stephanie they use words like “miracle worker”, “muscle magician”, and “healer”, but she would rather call herself a very dedicated, hard-working massage therapist, developer of the Hunter Massage Method, and someone working to make a positive impact on the healthcare system and the world.

When growing up in Barrington, Illinois, Stephanie witnessed her own mother suffer with the unbearable pain of cancer, and what worsened it: the terrible side effects of pain medicine. Her mom’s pain and suffering robbed her radiant mother of her joy of living and affected everyone who loved her. Stephanie’s mother died in 1989, at the young age of 51, and from this Stephanie learned firsthand that having one’s health is the greatest gift we have, to take care and protect, and that without it, nothing else matters.

We want to hear your feedback! Comment below and Stephanie Hunter will reply to your questions/comments. 🙂


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