Hi! Welcome to the new website!

We're so glad you are here.  This page will be dedicated to sharing client success stories and giving others hope that positive change is possible.  All of our therapists will be contributing to this blog in the future.

Today we are overjoyed that this website is finally going live.  It was such a collaborative effort to make this a reality.  I want to say a big THANK YOU to the following people:

Tyson Schroeder - Website Developer - You've had this project in your inbox for three years. You were patient, kind, extremely expedient and helpful every step of the way.  You will no longer have to email me with requests for content. 

Kristi Kilfeather - Clinic Manager - I know that this wouldn't be going live without you because the video would never have happened. I was dead serious when I said "I just can't do it" and you stayed with me and said "we are going to do this."  You have so many gifts...and even know how to use a video camera with headphones- who knew?! I love you on so many levels.

Jeff Smith - - Thank you for showing me how amazing the internet world is from your "Dr. Evil" computer set-up.  You kept telling me: "you can do this."

Michaela Kalkbrenner - Assistant Clinic Manager - Thank you for stepping up to the plate and helping with so many things these last few weeks.  You just joined our team, got thrown into a whirlwind of activity and you did so great!

C. Dasher - Videographer - Thank you for your patience, sense of humor and for making the video happen.