The Hunter Massage Method was developed to help humans but was later discovered to be extremely effective on man's best friend, as well. This advanced massage protocol is different than traditional massage in that it changes muscle memory,giving lasting, significant relief to many symptoms and conditions that commonly afflict dogs: 

Limping - Hip Issues - Can't Lift Head Easily - Shaking - Pain -
Holding Paw Up When Walking - Can't Jump Up On Couch Or Bed -
Behavioral Changes Like Not Wanting To Play - Less Active, Etc. 

The Hunter Dog Massage Team is made up of Certified Hunter Massage Method Practitioners who have experience in treating a wide range of canine symptoms and conditions with our innovative massage protocol.

Hunter Comes to You:

Hunter Massage's Dog Therapists come directly to your home to provide convenience and to put your dog completely at ease. We service the following locations:

- Jupiter - Palm Beach - Tequesta - Palm Beach Gardens - Hobe sound - Palm City - Stuart - North Palm Beach - West Palm Beach - Wellington

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