Clients with balance issues
About 30% of all the clients we see have issues with balance problems like Vertigo, BPPV, Menieres, and just feeling "off-kilter" "stoned" "wobbly", and prone to falling.  We don't help any named disease but when the muscles are no longer tight in the nerve pathways that lead to the eyes, ears, and head the body has a natural way of fixing itself.  There are no side effects to the massages. Some clients have been home bound for years, others call us the minute they wake up "dizzy."
Kids 4-18
We see a lot of kids with pain, movement and balance problems.  It is great because clients remain dressed during treatment, and parents come and participate with their kids.  Typically we see a lot of athletic kids with muscle tightness, imbalance and severe cases where they've spent tons of money when in reality the problem was a tight muscle that was causing symptoms.  
Clients with movement issues
We see many different clients with movement issues like the following:  difficulty going from sitting to standing, difficulty to lift leg to put on socks, Frozen shoulder, difficult to walk, waddle walk, can't serve, can't play golf, can't lift arm to drive car, unable to play Pickle ball, or throw a football for son.  We love to help people get moving again because even though it is not life threatening to not be able to do things, it is deadening to the spirit and leads to depression, weight gain and sadness.
We see all kinds of athletes from weekend warriors, to professional competitors where their livelihood depends on how well they can perform.  Most of the people who do athletics are golfers - the treatment helps with golfer's elbow, back pain, shoulder pain, hand and thumb pain, gluten not firing, and increases mobility for rotation. We also see tennis players with hip flexor issues, knee pain, and frozen and tight shoulders.  Others include hockey players, lacrosse, volleyball, shooting sports, running, triathletes, etc.
Clients with pain issues
They say that pain is the great human equalizer.  There's nothing worse than being in pain and in our experience the pain that comes from contracted muscles can be extremely severe and debilitating. The massage works by communicating with the nervous system through movement and touch to let the body know that it is o.k. to move, and touch is welcome.  We see really serious pain issues like Trigeminal Neuralgia which feels like a knife going through your face relieved to more common pain complaints - neck, back, foot, elbow, myofascial,  and named conditions like Sciatica, TMJ, Plantar Fasciitis, Neuropathy.